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Erotical is using Trustpilot to make your shopping experience with us more safe, and trustworthy.

You are guaranteed that you are in a secure payment zone when you shop online and a small ”Secure Server”-icon is shown, which appears at the top of your web browser. Often the icon looks like a locked padlock.

It’s safe to use a credit card when you buy from our webshop, because the payment takes place via an SSL-connection (Secure Socket Layer). An SSL-encryption ensures that no-one can get hold of the information you enter in connection with the purchase you are making with us. The transmission itself is approved by NETS (the main payment service provider in the Nordic region), ensuring the best possible level of security.

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Safety with online shopping has always been debated. But you are legally better off when you use credit cards online than in physical shops.

When you use a credit card online, you can object and get your money back if you can prove:

- that you did not receive the items
- that your card was misused by someone else
- that an incorrect amount was deducted off your card without your permission 
- that you regretted the purchase before you received the items (e.g. if you refused to accept or pick up the items at the parcel shop).

You can object by contacting the issuer of your card, often your bank. They will return the money to you without further consideration of the objection.

You have no coinsurance if your card gets misused in a webshop that uses SSL in its payment system. In that way, you are better secured than in a physical shop, where, depending on which country you’re from, there may be a coinsurance amount if your credit card gets misused.

Our administration system is structured in such a way that we cannot increase the amount you have approved.

You can read about all your rights when shopping in the EU on the European Union's website.

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